Broken Friendship

Broken Friendship

Broken Friendship 150 150 Anurag
Broken Friendship- Anurag Madan | Poem

Broken Friendship

Why they care

Whenever they need

It’s not fair

I m not their weed

I was there whenever they want

But in my time

Its just me alone who haunt

Making poems with silly rhyme.

The promises you made

The lies you told

My trust is faded

Crumbled and fold.

Rumours killed me inside

But you didn’t care

Never by my side

That’s the thing I scare

You killed my trust

As it was a toy

I cried that our friendship had rust

But you had a joy.

Third person was the reason

You didn’t trust me

Karma has its own season

Now you’ll know what I feel.

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T.E.Mark - Author

Nicely done!


for a moment I felt like I was rapping reading your poem! (JK)
Very strong (especially the last part …!)


Touching ☺


It’s so hard when a friend breaks your trust I’ve been in this situation myself it makes trusting people so difficult I also blogged about it which helped me here is the link to it 😊


Hallo Anugrag, thanks for visited my blog and thank you because you follow blog me, how are you? I hope you can always good and healthy, where do you live? Are you understand about language work me in my blog? Nice to meet you!

Best regards : Widia Mulyani 😊


Wow you from india? I’m from indonesia, i’m like all your content in your blog, you are welcome.

Dr. Rex

On another note …. Hey!! Thanks for stopping by “It Is What It Is” … and the follow. Hope you enjoy your visits there!! Hugs … Peace!!’ __/l\__ <3

Heart to soul.

Wow! 👏👏👏

Heart to soul.



Great scribble 👏👍


You deserve the compliment 😊


Thank you for the follow!

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