3 Apps to buy Bitcoin in India?

Cryptocurrency, it’s a topic that has been in trend for months now, and like everyone, you too might not want to miss out.

 So, let me clarify, Cryptocurrency is not all about ELON MUSK. That’s obvious, but many people think that way. So let’s uncover Cryptocurrency!

Answer Me

Do you ever feel everyone around you is fake and pretending to be with you? Have you ever felt that life is just a mess and you want to quit that? You know what, It’s all KARMA. You get what you do. Some day the dominance and mocking were done by you and that moment …

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When we talk…

We are weird. We want to talk.Talk Day night. Sometimes I ain’t online, sometime you. We shout at each other for going off,the next minute the other comes. But when we come online together,we don’t talk much and act like stupids, though we have so many things to talk about. Then suddenly one of us …

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Why Me Always?

Why? Why do priorities change? Why does someone’s importance change? Why is there a third person in every case? Why people hesitate to accept their mistakes? Why are people full of ego? Why is there always such a big dilemma? Why does nobody answer these questions? The simple answer is in every question. Time changes …

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