Day 4 of Writing Everyday

Hey again, to the audience who had been reading the previous blogs. I finally feel like an influencer documenting my journey.

I don’t want to be, not fuck it.

I am still thinking, should I do this, like seriously….but I’ll do it!

So, I called an old friend recently and just felt good. Due to many reasons, we just stopped talking and I really admired her friendship.

I just called and it felt good.

We’ll live approximately 60 years with all the binge bad habits we are on.

60 years = 60× 365 =21900 days × 2= 525,600 hours

And you have lived like 20-25 years of it! ( Analytics told me, ok)

That’s how long our life is!

The point is, life is just too short to even bother about anything. Even your best experiences are just experiences now. You can’t re-live it again the same.

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Good day 🙂

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