Enjoy Your Own Company

Enjoy Your Own Company

Alone guy

7.5 billion people in the world but you are still thinking why are you alone….


You are alone busy finding a temporary camaraderie who later would hurt you and eventually leave. One of the colossal blunders my dear.


 ‘Nobody cares about you unless you are rich or pretty ‘. Believe me, one of the truest lines I heard, until you can’t  I make their work you are just trash for them, or for any form  of human existence

Because all they thrive is on need once fulfilled like the economics principle states when one need is satisfied many others may come up.

Alone aesthetic

The mistake commited by a human being on earth is they HOPE .

NEVER HOPE in you will only be the one in sorrow.

 No one cares.

Everybody is busy with their own messed up little lives, and darling believes me so are you.

If you still can’t believe let me illustrate.

 Your parents have hopes from you for which you don’t care. 

You are just enjoying your life and expecting others to fulfil your hopes.

The more you care, the more you’ll hope, and the more you’ll hope, the more you’ll betray yourself. Thinking, imagining stuff which you never really started in the first place. 

Stop thinking of what others think about you my dear, because, nobody except you knows who you are, your bitter harsh truth on which you continue to grow.

 But you hope!

 Ever thought why are you doing so?

Yes you must

 And ought to know your life is full of obstacles

 But in the end you feel loser!

A completely pathetic douchebag… Stop doing so…

Self harm it is , the most punishable offence one can do to  a oneself . I would say

‘Be alone Be Happy’ . Find yourself, Enjoy yourself, Enjoy your own company’

For the one who find peace in oneself , see the beauty in others and life.

( I wrote this a few years back, just wanted to post)

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