How I began my Poetry book- F**K, I have so many Questions

Today, I commenced with my new book, ‘F**K, I have so many Questions’. I don’t know how will it be or how it will go but let’s see. I am very excited about it.

Right now, it’s like a vague manuscript of jumbled poetry. Even the design is not ready but I have prepared a ‘About the Book’ section that I’ll share today with few poetries from it!

About the Book

Why, Why anything at all?

Curiosity drives us, but where does it take us. From the ocean of unknown places, we understand a little drop. We can live without Questions, but we can live better by asking them.

Questions have captivated us right from the start of this journey. From asking how children are born to why we kept on questioning.

F**K, I have so many Questions is a poetic journey through many unanswered questions to self and life. Join the trip through the turmoil and perceive reality in a completely different way.

But what is Reality anyway?

Please let me know what do you think of this and if you would read the book!

Few Poems from F**K, I have so many Questions

More than publishing it, the writing process and arranging, it’s giving me an immense joy to know my self better with every poem.

Thanks everyone who helped me read and review the book as it goes

I am thankful for all the help I have received. The whole process was very rewarding, internally.

The book will be out soon, do check it out!

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