I Want to Live More Man

I Want to Live More Man

I Want to Live More Man 1707 2560 Anurag

never know
I can too
experience this feeling
and will have nothing to do
so chaotic
I just want to jump
in ecstasy
I don’t know what it means
just sounds sexy
what a drag
came along good
is it the time
to be in the mood
kill fire slay
roses fade away
red in shine
the High is mine
to a whole new world
for you I line
then all the others too
and yeah


I get affected somehow
never new, wow
now what
can I only party
and feel free
is this a cage
for me and my three
heart, brain, and smoke
if you agree
creatures of higher power
never know
whats your plan
just take it slow
I want to live more man

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