Life is Beautiful, If You Make It!

Anurag Madan Poetry

Sometimes we cry
Sometimes we grin
Sometimes we moan
Of all it had been
Passing every moment
We try to make it greater
Living each success
We attract many hater
Trying to figure things
We make mind a battleground
But groaning in pain
We avoid a tear sound
We collect memories
We live new each moment
Meeting people and classifying them
We share them everything we went
But sometimes in time
Your focus is lost
Getting everything once and burst
We are exhausted
In this time
We understand thing’s cost
And we learn a new lesson each day,
Which our life diary had embossed
Life is beautiful : )
If you make it
Everything is wonderful
If you have heart to feel it
We live in a world
Where miracles happen everyday
So no chance to give
And you’ll gift out a way.

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Beautiful post ..Really positive


Hey Anurag, This was the first post of yours that I have read and trust me after reading this – something feels good. I feel positivity and hope! Very nicely written. The best lines

Everything is wonderful
If you have heart to feel it

and I feel it 🙂

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