Our First Podcast #1 – Kasa Kay Nagpur

#1 It’s always going to be a Beginning

I am becoming a Podcast fan day by day. It’s amazing to get so much value and listen from one’s experience while doing local chores or working out.

I started listening to podcasts with one called ‘Advertising is Dead’ on which I’ll soon post a blog.

Kasa Kay Nagpur Logo
Kasa Kay Nagpur Logo

I always wanted to be a guest on some podcast but I haven’t done anything so remarkable yet.

So, I and my friend Khush first begin with a page – Kasa Kay Nagpur and then this Podcast. (More about the page some other day.

We were doing somewhat great with our page when we met Mithilesh, the founder of the city’s favorite Coffee and Hang out place.

He was very kind enough to accept this offer in a short time and invited us to record the podcast at the cafe.


Mithilesh is a sweet and genuine guy who enjoys doing team building and found his passion and love in Coffee.

Corridor 7 Mithilesh Vazalwar on Podcast with Kasa Kay Nagpur
Mithilesh Vazalwar

It was a very informative and at times a little intense podcast. There were moments where we were shocked of things that he did to get the best taste!

He is also a winner of many Coffee Competitions!

Corridor 7 Coffee Roasters (also known as C7) is one of the most favorite places of Nagpurians. Mithilesh and the team and worked their ass off to create this wonderful environment.

He is the first Indian to bag Aeropress Championship!

The personality Mithilesh holds is great and there’s no wonder why we had such a great talk with him as well.

He precisely told us about his life comprising all the ups and downs he has faced in business and personal life.

He has been a social volunteer during these difficult times of Covid-19 and proved his love for the society.

Podcast logo Kasa Kay Nagpur
Podcast Logo

Personally I have learnt many things from him but I’ll list a few!

Podcast Notes

1. Treat your Employees/ Co-workers well.

2. Your Passion can help you reach heights.

3. Just Hold On to things you want, it all figures out sooner or later.

4. Nothing can beat Teamwork.

5. It’s always going to be the Beginning.

YouTube Version

We are happy to announce that now when I am writing this blog (05/2021) the video has more than 400 views and a watch time of 42+ hours!

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