The Ultimate Guide to Copywriting

What is Copywriting and what do copywriters actually do?

  Copywriting is writing a small text format in order ro advertise or market a product or service.

The product of service to be sold in this case is deemed as a Copy.

It is written as content that aims to increase brand attention, growth, and promotion of the product to ultimately convince to buy it.

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Why is Copywriting done?

    Copywriting is growing in 2021 as products are abundant for a consumer and hundreds of choices to make. The job is to influence that choice. Can you do it?

Online businesses have emerged after Covid-19 and convincing people online has become a challenge. Now the fight is between 1000s of people selling the same stuff at a maybe cheaper price.

The task is to play with words and convince your target audience to buy from you or your client’s store.

What is copywriting

What Exactly Copywriters do? 

A Copywriter writes copy or ads that close the deal of the product from the manufacturer or company or any individual he is hired to.

Basically, A copywriter sells through his words!

A career as a freelance copywriter is a pretty Dope. You can work at home, take naps in the middle of the day, vacation a lot, and get paid really well. 

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How to Become a Copywriter?

Copywriting is easy and can be learned easily. But to be a professional copywriter you have to start with writing for yourself through blogs and social media or work as an intern for some agency.

This way you’ll get some exposure and some freelance projects. Now you can continue doing this while increasing your charges as you learn more and more and build a strong portfolio.

You can also find some jobs or internships through LinkedIn or Internshala.

The important part is to start!

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15 Points to level-up your Copywriting Game

  • 1. Call your audience

(People don’t by because they understand what you sell,but, People buy because they feel understood)

  • 2. Go to their mind and understand what they actually want.

(Don’t go to your ego, Go to prospects ego)

  • 3. Call out your competitors.

(Create Contrast)

  • 4. Stories sell themselves

(Facts tell, stories sell)

  • 5. Write like you speak

(Dig into the client, he’ll give out the copy)

  • 6.Pain>pleasure

(People don’t buy into something,they buy out to something)

  • 7.Show them you are Expert

(Show numbers, they attract)

  • 8. Be unique

( Better to be different, than to be better)

  • 9.Three options

(Middle is big, contrast cost)

  • 10.Scarcity

(Make it show rare and premium)

  • 11. Give gaurantee

(Unusual type that is not so fake)

  • 12. Make it easier to buy

(One click buy)

  • 13. Consequences of not buying

( Most people don’t buy they don’t believe you, they buy because they don’t believe themselves)

  • 14. One-sentence persuasion

(Try to explain/ convince in a sentence)

  • 15. Just Start somewhere

What skills are required to be a copywriter?

1. Research skills

2. Quick thinking

3. Command over Language

4. Ability to see things Differently

5. Ability to try again and again


How much an Average Copywriter earns?

An average copywriter can earn up to $47,838 ( Rs. 34,86,050.74) per year. Your earnings depend on where you work ( Agency or Freelance or both) and where you are from (country/ region/ demographics) but at last, it’s a valuable skill in today’s time.

Books that will help you Write more compelling copies

1. How to Win Friends and Influence People

2. The Adweek Copywriting Handbook

Resources on Copywriting

  1.  The Adweek Copywriting
  2.  The Copywriting Handbook
  3. How to Write A Good Advertisement

Videos about Copywriting

This is a great video and very informative.

She is the best online coach you’ll get! Just go through her videos if you want to learn about copywriting.



Copy is Everywhere!

And in coming times it would a skill to acquire all marketing and business-related people.

It requires Nothing but some basic knowledge about some psychological tricks and human behavior.

Everyone is A Copywriter Indeed.

Are you one of them?

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