Welcome to new People

Welcome to new People

Welcome to new People 150 150 Anurag

Anurag Madan Poetry

Welcome to the new era-

Where people are busy in phone
Where parents have take time lone
Where messages reach through text
Where people confused of what next
Where stories show love
Where countdowns care
Where fakeness is trend
Where best things are rare

Welcome to the new generation-

Where a tick on shoes decide father’s face
Where money wins every race
Where parents buy children phone
Where they don’t have time for their own
Where they fight amongst each other
Where children don’t even bother.

Welcome to the new time-
Where parents is shit
But friends are lit
Where love is rare
And proposals in dare
Where partner is a must
Whether its love or lust
Where likes can show fame
And followers shame

Welcome to the new world-

Where people can’t choose one side
Where people want to suicide
Where people think there life is worst
Where still a boy everyday dies because of THIRST.

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sad but true!


It is up to us to change our reality. Of course, that does not change much in the world at first, but who knows if enough people follow, something will change. I can not moan about something that I cause myself too. The loneliness and sadness is the devil that intensifies all this and I wish everyone here the strength to fight for the love, to find his happiness, then it is easy to give his life good values.


Sorry, but that’s not true. The people are wonderful, each one for themselves. And lovingly. Some can no longer show it and our drama is the mass of people, the speed, the far too much information. The technique is developing too fast and with it wrong values. If everyone loves his neighbor instead of his liker, the likes will become less interesting again. Incidentally, this has never impressed me. I do not care, because I do not care about it professionally


There will always be love. People have evidently changed a lot. It is strange and anonymous, cold and cruel out there. But not because people are like that. Every single one is a loving person and valuable. They are just dull and overwhelmed with world events, the wealth of information. They are struggling to stay happy. And then there are the people who are no longer happy who are suffering in these circumstances. More than they can handle. They too are loving, precious creatures and they need the focus of attention. Now if every human dares to open his blinders only slightly. Showing moral courage, taking care of the environment and getting a sense for the people … only a little bit and the world changes. Because the generation that is coming is not bad. I have two teenage children and know many children at this age. They are a lot more sensitive and understanding than I was at this age!


You are very far with your thoughts, so I do not know if I’m even so far with my thoughts even though I’m three times your age.
In this changed world, people are clinging to something that gives them meaning. They do not want to go under the flood of information and people. In the past, the world was the little village where you lived and you had 3 programs on TV, but not 24 hours a day, no internet. Each one was more valuable because there was not that much. Everyone had a history and everyone knew this history.
Nobody knows anyone today. But you want to be somebody and make your mark in the social networks and with success so that you are seen.
And now comes the point: if you have achieved something, you can not let go. The men do not want to retire, they want to keep on getting involved, because success is everything that makes them. The mothers get their success in the success of the children. High expectations and a constant mastermind.
We do not let you do it, we pretend what you should do and that’s wrong. You have to let go and surrender and realize that the true value of a person is not the world’s edge. not the money and the reputation.Not the likes and fake friendships on fb.
You’re smart, you’re creative, so you have the best cards in this world to become happy. ..more than the poor children, who lost their fantasy already and are in the thrill of the social duties. For here everything is already crumbling and we need clever and creative minds to change something. Do it!!!! Not for the success, but for the mankind and you!


Why do you call me ma’am, that’s strange …:) … oh yes you are very right, most people turn a mosquito into an elephant (they say that in Germany). I do not exclude me. I also have a separation behind me and suffer because I want a solution in which I do not hurt anyone too much. But that just is not possible. It is my little world that is upside down, but of course nothing contrary to the problems that exist in the Wekt. But that is also human. If I have a toothache, I want to get rid of , even though I know that my pain is nothing compared to other suffering.
But in principle, the whining of people is bad, I think so too. A whining on a high level. Stay true to yourself and do your thing and always keep in mind that you are special and make it!




You are right this generation is addicted to sympathy and attention and this is very sad. But if there is still a real life next to the online life, there is still enough love and togetherness, so that this addiction can be fight. I just could watch this in my family this Christmas. Although there was always the internet, there was one more important thing: the real contact to people. To have online friend and to make projects online , creative work, writing a blog can be a good thing, but never ever a replacement for real friendships, partnership. As hard it will be, I have to learn this also now and have to reduce my online time and contact a lot. We need to find our luck outside… wellI have to find it outside internet.


I wish you the same Anurag!!!


True yaar!!!

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