Yes You Left ‘Her’

Yes you left her

Alone in night,

Because it was ‘she’

And you a hypocrite.

You enjoyed that night 

Nine months back,

But can’t handle your responsibility now

You seriously are mack.

You tried to kill her

Before she was born,

But there’s come society

And saved her from getting worn.

One day your ‘he’

Will leave you alone,

And you will remember ‘she’

Then you will understand the value of your unpayed loan.

When you will die 

No one would fret,

But still she will come 

And your sole will regret.

Dowry was a one of the reason

She couldn’t get a existence,

It was not your mistake alone

Its is society’s persistence.

Yes she is alive

And live her life,

Without you, without your dowry

She is a happy wife.

Yes you left her 

And didn’t gave your name,

One day you will regret

When she will have fame.

You didn’t want a girl

But you are alive because of a ‘she’,

Then why don’t you understand

And make it ‘we’.

Give her birth 

Give her life,

She is not your doll

To show your stife,

Give her respect

Give her chance,

And one day people will die

Even to get her one glance.

Girl is your sister

Girl is your mother,

We all know their importance

Nobody can replace her with other.❤

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Brutal, yet poignant and loving. <3


Such beautiful words, made but so sad at this harsh reality.

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