You are too Scared :/

Hey you,

You are scared about the future
That you haven’t lived yet
And make wondering defeats
Which you never wanna pet

You are scared to make decisions
That will give you bad result
But it’s life and there’s no option
Other than behaving adult

You are scared
Scared to make choice
Cause weird thoughts confuse
Which you call two voice

You are scared about the truth
That you don’t wanna accept
Life will change when you do
But worried how to recept

You are scared that you are scared
That makes it more scary
That makes no sense
Which makes it heavy to carry

You are scared to be lonely
That’s makes you alive
And make you caring
And helps in strive

Hey you,
You are scared to live different
Scared to accept change
Better how fast you overcome
And stop that strange

You are a coward
Who lives in his own rife
You are a dumbass
Wasting this beautiful life

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DLCS Management

Your own words? Very well said!

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