Late Nights

Late Nights I need someoneAlone in darkTill the rise of sunSomeoneWho stops my thinkLove me indeedAnd avoid me winkSomeoneI could call foreverWho stays in everythingThrough hards or whateverSomeoneWho understands meWho accept my flawsAnd still dealSomeoneWho could stop me waste timeMake it my bestAnd join my hymeSomeoneWho atleast existAfter so many conditionsNo one resists.

Inner Dilemma

Knockin dreamsWhy do you door is it meWho wants youGive a little kissFirst on cheeks then lipsOr is it meWho wants all thisDon’t break me againI can’t afford that rainI am pretty saneCan’t do that again Or can ICan I go down the same roadJust like old loadI don’t knowLeave it on faithAnd skip the …

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Why Dear Time

Why dear time Why testing much Enough of tests It won’t work such Why dear time Testing patience beyond limits Tired of all fails Blasted all my wits Why dear time When I get a reason to leave You show me something worser And ask me to live Why time why Can’t you tell the …

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What now Oh or wow No target No goal No expectations Yet bore So much there Yet can’t even decide What to wear And to be on which side Not easy Though busy Storming dizzy Stumbling fizzy Adding work Subtracting days Multiplying problem Dividing bae’s Who important Who not Wrong decision Costs a lot No …

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Who this time…..?

Blind heart of trust Weak eyes to wise Poor body of lust Sad mind in crise. Decision less life Dim thought Misery in hive False identity a lot. Faded confidence Conscious brain Condescending inference Tears of pain. Something to prove Something to show Dominating pressure Made the mood low. Let’s be selfish Let’s change the …

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Dear Education System

Dear Education System, Stop challenging my patience Stop seeing my grade Start seeing my creativity The ideas that my mind made Stop killing those ideas And putting your mechanical books That hardly is important in future And the time that they hooks Knowledge is waste But remembering is key Your caliber is decided by that …

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You are too Scared :/

Hey you, You are scared about the future That you haven’t lived yet And make wondering defeats Which you never wanna pet You are scared to make decisions That will give you bad result But it’s life and there’s no option Other than behaving adult You are scared Scared to make choice Cause weird thoughts …

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