Day 2 of writing Blog Everyday

It feels very weird because somewhere I know, I could just stop writing again and see these blogs and laugh at myself or I just keep on writing, who knows.

Who knows?

Really who knows anything?

Your parents have lived twice your time on earth and they don’t have a clue of what’s happening.

Well, they just come up with some answers which deep down, they also know, doesn’t make any sense.

So what is anything, anyway?

(If I have to write these things, I can do it everyday)

I saw a video recently that I related to a lot. It goes very deep inside how you think.

But wait how do you think?

Imagine a blue banana 🍌💙

You see it?

Where? Where do you see it?

You Imagine it, but where do you see it?

If it doesn’t make any sense to you, sorry I lost you there. But wait why do some people understand themselves better than others.

We all are wired the same, right?

If you relate to the above Questions, I am writing a book, ” F**K, I have so many Questions “.

There’s a blog on it, Check Out maybe…

How I began my Poetry book- F**K, I have so many Questions

Have a Better Day 🙂

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