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Mom, I got Anxiety by Anurag Madan

Why is that we only give a shit about Mental Health after someone passes away or takes their life because of it.

When will we get it, that it’s a real thing.

“Mom, I got Anxiety” is a Compilation of poetries which tried to convey the scenario of mental health India and how parents deal with it or better to say, ignore it. It’s a a mental sicknessin itself to tell your parents about your mental health problem.

“You are here for a reason, Make something out of it”.

Some Poems from the Book

One Day, It you’ll have your last Breath

One day you would be in bed
Flashing your last memories
Would you see the brightest smiles
Or the given injuries.

In fear we sigh
And sad and mute
In joy we’re high
And happy and toot

In time we lived
Is all a past
The time to be lived
Is coming fast

Hold onto now
Or get crushed by it
Be a crazier
With a little wit

Live in the moment
And have a grip tight
Make most of out of it
Even if it’s a party or fight

The problem is
We think we have time
Don’t worry, you aren’t the only
Who is trapped in this hymn

Worry a little small
Live a little large
Think a little less
Always be supercharged

One day,
Everything you did
Every single one you met
Every moment you lived
It’s all in one last breath

The Potential Chaos

World of joy
The land of misery
Where we are toy
And memes our advisory
The world where real is lost
And virtual has cost
The place where win is abide
And giving up is suicide
The mighty, high is great
He gave mouth to lie
And eyes to deflate
People never have a clue
Where they’ll end
But often take Deja Vu
To stray and surrend
Akin to history

Where migration was for thirds
Nature warns time and again
To right us bastards
Botox on face
Cry buried deep
Shine teeth like a jerk
And thousand pile of creep
The world of joy
The land of weed
You’ll never get what you want
You’ll be blessed, with what you need!

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