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Advertising is Dead – Varun Duggirala

Okay, I was a science student back then, preparing for JEE. I don’t know why I selected science. No one ever forced me and in fact, my parents advised me to opt for Commerce or Arts. But I liked Science as a subject and went to 2 years of JEE Preparation.

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It was difficult and I didn’t quite really attend any lectures. During that time, I randomly clicked on a podcast, ‘Advertising is Dead’.

Varun Duggirala

The term Advertising has always fascinated me because of how little ideas & tweaks can actually manipulate/influence a large percentage of people.

This podcast was a door for me that was going to change my path of Education.

During the Covid times, when JEE 2020 got postponed, we got plenty of time to study and to give a thought on it.

I remember listening to some episode of AID in this period and suddenly my mind wandered to why not take this path as my main path.

Things were never same again

Advertising is Dead podcast
Advertising is Dead

Advertising is Dead by Varun Duggirala is by far my favorite podcast. This man literally changed my life.

Varun is the Co-founder of ‘The Glitch‘ (JUST CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE!!), one of the leading ‘Creative’ Agencies in India. They served clients like Netflix, LinkedIn, Nokia, etc. I’ll surely ask him for an internship opportunity as a copywriter! (hey, please).

Advertising is Dead is a Podcast where Varun invites guests from different spectrums of Media people, Creative people, and his wife. (He has a lovely wife and a cute daughter, check them out on Instagram)

The conversations are always fun and valuable. Sometimes I create notes to make sure, I don’t miss out on valuable points.

Varun, as a guy is very humble and fun. Almost every guest has commended him for asking great questions.

I love this podcast and every Tuesday, I impatiently wait for it.

How he once helped me personally

It’s very very difficult to select a college after 12th std.

I remember when I told my parents about this decision of switching fields and the atmosphere of my house suddenly changing to blank.

My parents never really stopped me for anything, but they were too unsure what’s happening and gave me the full responsibility of selecting a course and college.

It’s not as good as it sounds, because suddenly you are responsible for yourself.

I remember messaging Varun on Instagram, what college I should choose. He actually REPLIED. He for real took the time and patience to answer my silly questions and thank you for that, really!

He made me understand one thing that, college doesn’t matter until I was active in activities.

Well, after a year, I can say it’s all true!

Now I am working as a content writer for an agency, doing freelance and maybe starting something of my own.

College really doesn’t matter and it sounds so silly that once it was the biggest aspect of my life.

My favorite Episodes

1. The one about ‘the Glitch’

2. The one with ‘the wife’ ( I love this)

3. The one with the ‘Schbang’

Guests I would love to see…

It’s obviously not in my hand but I believe a podcast with these people would be great!

1. Kunal Shah

2. Siddarth Warrier

3. Viraj Sheth (again)

Varun’s New Show

Varun duggirala
The Varun Duggi Show

You can also listen to his new podcast, where he talks about things that motivate people and make them do what they do. I haven’t checked this yet but sure, it’s a future binge.

You can contact Varun if you have any queries. He’ll reply, he’s very very helpful!

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Varun if you are reading this ( I hope you will)


2. What are you consuming new that could be total shock for people who know you well?

3. What is your honest reaction after reading this blog?


Varun Duggirala

Thankyou Varun. Your podcast has helped me in various fields and I and going to say this – You are one of the reasons, I am doing, what I am doing and I am really really happy about it.

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